Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

According to the UN website, e-mails addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations should be sent through THIS form. You can copy and paste the following letter in the message section of the form:

Dear Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,

I am writing you this letter as a citizen of the world. As I am sure you are aware, over the last several days there have been peaceful protests organized by the people of Iran, who are expressing their concerns over voter fraud accusations, lack of freedom of speech, lack of freedom of the press, and lack of women’s rights. These are basic human rights that the United Nations holds sacred. As the chief representative of the United Nations, I am certain you hold these values sacred as well.

Much to the dismay of the world, these peaceful protests have been met with tear gas, brutal beatings, stabbings, and gunfire, orchestrated by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There have been various reports of protestors secretly arrested in the middle of night, homes of protesters set on fire, and students being murdered by their own government officials. There have been no fair trials, only speedy punishment. The brave citizens of Iran have documented these inhumane actions with their cell phones, spreading the growing massacre of Iranians by their own government to the world via the Internet.

I implore you to take immediate action. There is no time to wait as the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has threatened to escalate the violence against these peaceful protestors. Based on the United Nations’ own words, it is the role of the Secretary General to “bring to the attention of the security council any matter which in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security.” It goes on to further say that the “Secretary General would fail if he did not take careful account of the concerns of Member States, but he must also uphold the values and moral authority of the United Nations, and speak and act for peace, even at the risk, from time to time, of challenging or disagreeing with those same Member States.”

Secretary General, I ask you to recognize that the Islamic Republic of Iran, a Member State of the United Nations, needs to be challenged with every option available by the United Nations as they are in direct violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as affirmed by the United Nations. The eyes of the world and future historians will look to your actions at this critical time.

With sincere respect,